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 DANIEL PRATT, Lead Pastor


Daniel is a Christian Ministries student with a dual concentration in Congregational and Youth Ministries at Messiah College. He currently serves as team leader for the Finance, Property, and Administration ministry team at Bethany and also serves on the leadership team of the Refuge Ministry. Daniel comes to us from Polk, PA where his family has been serving in ministry for many years. Daniel was granted a local conference pastor's  license in August 2015.



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AMY MORENO, Associate Pastor


Amy is a graduate of Messiah College (BA, 2008 in Christian Ministries; MA, 2015 in Youth and Young Adult Ministries). She serves as Associate Pastor, leader of the Outreach Ministry Team, and director of The Refuge Ministry. Amy and her husband, Gus, have four darling daughters: Alyssa, Brittany, Arianne, and Alexis.


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    ALYSSA PRATT, Worship Intern

Alyssa is a Christian Ministries student with a concentration in Youth Ministry and a minor in Children and Youth Services at Messiah College, and for many years has been involved in the ministry at Bethany. She currently serves as team leader of the Worship and Prayer Ministry team and leads the praise team with piano and vocals. Alyssa directed the 2015 Easter musical and is also is on the Leadership Team of the Refuge Youth Ministry. She is the daughter of Amy and Gus Moreno, and is married to Daniel Pratt.

CONTACT:  Alyssa Moreno

Amy and Gus
Amy received her specialized ministry license on Sunday, May 6, 2012 from Bishop Phil Whipple of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ.   We have always recognized God's gracious gifts at work in her life, and now she has national recognition. Amy received her Master's Degree in Youth and Young Adult Ministries on Saturday, May 16, 2015. This photo shows Amy and husband Gus the day she received her Master's.