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Jennifer Blandin (Macau)

A Global Ministries veteran in Macau of nearly twenty years, Jenís most recent role is as interim pastor at the Living Stone Church. Pray for the Spirit to give her wisdom in knowing how to encourage local believers toward a closer walk with God and develop a heart for disciple multiplication. Pray also that her current home ministry assignment period will be a time of meaningful connections, rest, preparing for returning to Macau, and developing new supporter relationships to address financial shortfalls.

Greek Financial Crisis

Due to major financial issues, Greece may become the first country to be removed from the Eurozone. If so, it will mean even greater difficulties for the average Greek citizen and damaging reverberations to the global economy. Although Greece is a majority Christian Orthodox country, they suffer from spiritual poverty, as evidenced by less than 3% of the population who regularly attend church. Pray for the financial stability. Ask for a great spiritual renewal there as well, and for the Church to be relevant in ministering to the local community who are impacted by the crisis.

Nichie Parish (South Africa)

Nichie is a Global Ministries sojourn staff who will serve in South Africa with partner organization Impact Africa. Her June field departure date came more quickly than expected, so ask that all the last-minute details come together. Pray for a smooth transition for Nichie and her family & friends. As she steps into various ministry roles in Johannesburg, ask that she will effectively serve and love the local people and her teammates.


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